December 11, 2012

Mahaska County YMCA offers healthy lifestyle coaching

Press release

OSKALOOSA — The Mahaska County Y is implementing a comprehensive approach to health and fitness at its facilities.

Current, new and even potential members inquiring about all there is to experience at the Y can learn this and more by making an appointment with a Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

During these meetings, Coaches take a one-on-one approach through conversation and interest-based questions, to help members uncover how the Y’s programs, facilities and people can be best utilized to meet your individual goals and expectations. Whether a seasoned lifter ready to hit the weight room, a novice to group exercise classes looking to find a class offering that feels right, or a new member searching to discover all the things the Y has to offer, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is the best place to start.

“As Ryan and I have worked with the Mahaska Wellness Coalition, we have developed ideas to provide more intensive support for health-seekers in our community,” Executive Director Dawn Collins said. “Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is more than just a new program. Our vision is to help you identify what you need and how the Y can best support you. ”

“Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is all about personal interaction and support,” Fitness Director Ryan Harkema said. “The Y Coaches are available to provide answers to the questions you may have, but also to take that extra step with you. For example, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach might attend a fitness class with a member, or take someone into the fitness room and walk them through the different machine weights and how they work.”

For more details on the Mahaska County YMCA or to meet with a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, stop by the Y, at 414 N. Third St. in Oskaloosa or contact Ryan Harkema at (641) 673-8411 or Ryan.Harkema@MahaskaYMCA.org. Information about the YMCA and can also be found at http://www.MahaskaYMCA.org.