September 16, 2013

Hunter education class teaches many aspects

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — On Thursday evening and throughout the day Saturday, area residents took a hunter education class at Russell Wildlife Area, north of Oskaloosa.

There was a lot to cover in this 12-hour class. Dave Sedivec, director of the Mahaska County Conservation Board, said they covered conservation, ethics, firearms safety, hunting laws, how to transport a firearm safely and how to properly shoot. Firearm maintenance was also part of the class.

“We want to produce safe, responsible, ethical hunters,” said Sedivec, adding that the class teaches not only what do to but why to do it.

Participants in the class also took a hands-on practical test, said Sedivec. Those taking the class would then go down to the range and shoot .22 rifles as part of the class, he said. A written test is also included in the hunter education class.

The things learned in this class are applicable to any hunting season, noted Sedivec.

Any person born after July 1, 1972 is required to have hunter education before they can get their hunting license, said Sedivec.

It’s important for people to take a hunter education class, even if they don’t intend to hunt, said Sedivec. He said what is learned in the class, including things about wildlife management, is important for people to know in order for them to be better stewards of the land. The firearm safety aspect of the class is also important for hunters and non-hunters, Sedivec said.