May 16, 2013

Penn's health, life sciences grow at PAC

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Dr. Jim North, chair of William Penn University’s Health and Life Sciences Division, likes what he sees on the third floor of the Penn Activities Center.

New classroom space has been in use at the PAC recently and more area for academic endeavors are on the horizon for the PAC’s third floor.

Penn’s College for Working Adults has already benefitted from the added classroom space at the PAC, noted North. He said they use the available rooms for their night courses. The traditional campus has benefitted, as well, he said.

“It’s been really cool,” North said.

North also noted the low student to faculty ratio as one of the strengths of Penn.

North said the lecture hall space in the PAC could be used in other capacities outside of just providing classroom space. He said that it could potentially be there for those visiting Penn for conferences.

“This would be a wonderful place for people to meet for a conference and then break out into other classrooms in the PAC,” said North.

The lecture hall also holds the potential to become a space where Penn’s entire football team could meet, North said.

“So, athletics will use it,” North said.

So, how much has the Health and Life Sciences Division at Penn grown?

North explained.

“My division — Health and Life Sciences Division — has grown at approximately eight percent per year for the last eight years,” said North.

The strength of the programs at Penn has played a role in this growth in the student body, according to North. In the working world of post-graduation, there’s a definite need for the kinds of skills taught to students at Penn, North said. This includes students studying in both the health and life sciences, added North.

“There’s a definite need for people that understand science,” said North “There’s a definite need for people in P.E.”


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