November 30, 2013

General manager gets 25 percent raise

Herald correspondent


After weeks of discussions on the matter, the Oskaloosa Water Department took formal action Monday evening regarding the salary of the General Manager.

After a 40-minute closed session, the board voted 3-0 to approve a 25 percent increase in General Manager Chad Coon’s annual salary. This will put Coon’s salary at $81,000; a roughly $16,000 increase from his present salary of $64,800.

Water Board of Trustees Chairman Pete Settimi announced the decision of the board Monday evening. “After looking at like positions in Iowa, Iowa standard salaries, national standard salaries, experience, and most importantly performance, it was obviously that we have been and are currently undercompensating our general manager,” Settimi said.

“This action is in line with our efforts to retain the best employees that will run this operation as efficiently as possible with our number one objective: providing safe drinking water and fire protection for the city of Oskaloosa,” Settimi also said.

Monday evening’s vote came after weeks of discussions on the general manager's present salary. The discussions began in the summer months when the Board of Trustees directed General Manager Chad Coon to collect data on the salary of various Water Department managers from area communities. After receiving and compiling the data, the board began to discuss the general manager’s annual salary. After multiple meetings and closed session discussions on the matter, the board repeatedly tabled a formal vote on the matter until Monday evening.

Coon’s salary increase will become effective Jan. 1.