May 12, 2013

Safety alert: Possible Mountain Lion Sighting in Oskaloosa

Press release

OSKALOOSA — The following is from the Oskaloosa Police Department:

On May 11th, 2013, at approximately 3 p.m., the Oskaloosa Police Department received a complaint of a possible Mountain Lion sighting, in the wooded area, directly North of the 100 block of Highland Avenue. Highland Avenue is located in the NorthEast Quadrant of the Oskaloosa city limits.

This animal was observed by two residents in the area. Police responded to the area and were unable to locate this animal. The residents reported that the animal was last seen traveling Northbound.

The Oskaloosa Police Department would like to caution all residents, mushroom hunters, and bike trail users, in this area, to be aware of this complaint. All persons are asked to be observant, while out-of-doors, and immediatly report any such animal sightings to the Oskaloosa Police Department by calling 911.

If an animal of this nature is encountered, persons are warned to slowly back away from the animal and leave the area. Under no circumstances should a person purposely approach this type of wild animal.