June 6, 2013

What IPTV means to viewers

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — She spoke about what Iowa Public Television means to viewers.

Jennifer Glover Konfrst, communications manager for Iowa Public Television, spoke at the Noon Kiwanis meeting in Oskaloosa this past Monday.

Konfrst said that now, more than ever, IPTV matters because they focus on programming that Iowans from all over the state will enjoy. She noted that IPTV is a place that focuses on viewers.

IPTV has 2.2 million viewers per month, said Konfrst. She would later note that this makes IPTV the most watched public television station in the nation.

“Now, for some of us, we like to watch IPTV because it helps us, you know, further our minds,” explained Konfrst, noting shows like “Nova” and “Nature.” Konfrst also noted that some viewers who like to laugh will watch IPTV’s British comedies, while others find inspiration in programming featuring opera.

Children’s programming is also a key element on IPTV, according to Konfrst. She also pointed out that IPTV shows people things they would otherwise not be able to see.

“So, a little girl who lives in a town in Iowa who’s never seen that she could go be a scientist, could watch ‘Clifford’ or ‘Arthur’ or any of our programs and see that you could be a scientist,” said Konfrst. “There might be somebody who sees an opera for the first time who will never get a chance to go to the opera but who can see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ done in Indianola thanks to us.”

When it comes to children’s programming on IPTV, Konfrst said the shows are based on curriculum, which can help children learn things like math, science and technology.

Konfrst would go on to note that IPTV wants children to play outdoors and use their imaginations, as well.

At the Noon Kiwanis meeting Monday, Konfrst also showed a preview for an IPTV program about the farm crisis of the 1980s called “The Farm Crisis,” which is slated to begin July 1.


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