April 24, 2014

Litter Critters teach children about recycling on Earth Day

By DUANE NOLLEN The Oskaloosa Herald
The Oskaloosa Herald

---- — OSKALOOSA — The Litter Critters visited students at Oskaloosa Christian School and Oskaloosa Elementary School Tuesday morning to talk about littering and recycling on Earth Day.

Twenty-three Litter Critters from Oskaloosa Middle School visited the two schools to perform skits to teach students about the importance of picking up litter and recycling to protect the environment.

This is the fifth year of Litter Critters — which is part of Clean and Green, Oskaloosa Main Street Director Karen Hafner said. The first year of the program reached all K-5 students. This year, the Litter Critters educating young students saw similar skits when they were younger, she added.

“Littering is a huge problem everywhere,” Hafner said.

The Litter Critters spoke to about 275 students at the two schools, Hafner said.

Oskaloosa Middle School Student Council members donned their red Litter Critter T-shirts to talk to the younger students, who were also sporting their new Litter Critter T-shirts too.

“We partner with the Chamber for the Litter Critters,” OMS Student Council sponsor Kirsten Stek said. Stek and Molly McCaulley organized the Earth Day visits.

The Litter Critters visited Oskaloosa Christian School first, where they spoke to Ruth De Bruin’s Kindergarten class. They then traveled to the Oskaloosa Elementary School where they spoke to all K-2 classes.

The Litter Critters created skits that they performed for the students. Some skits ranged from singing a recycling song to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to picking up litter and shooting it into a wastebasket like a basketball.

After performing at the two schools, the Litter Critters practiced what they preached by picking up trash along roadsides on the west end of Oskaloosa.

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