March 29, 2013

Daily Youth Theatre students to perform showcase

Press release

OSKALOOSA — It’s been a busy six weeks for the kids in the Daily Youth Theatre’s after school program, the Daily Arts Academy, but they’re ready to show off what they’ve learned.

“This first session was about movement in theatre,” said Andy McGuire, Youth Director of the program. “It’s been all about cooperation. Our students took a classic story like ‘The Three Pigs’ and worked together to rewrite it. The focus is on how to tell a story with your body and movements first.”

The showcase is a chance for everyone to show some of what they’ve worked on.

“The program is more about the experience rather than an end product, but the showcase will give parents some ideas of what they learned. We work a lot on intangible things, like teamwork and creativity. We’ve definitely seen some more assertive voices come out!” said McGuire.

The showcase begins at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, March 29, at the George Daily Auditorium. The older group, grades 4 – 8, will perform their stories first, followed by the younger group from grades 1 – 3. The event is free and open to the public

The second session of the Daily Arts Academy starts on April 8 and explores the concept of storytelling. Students will take the basics of what makes a good story and write their own plays to be performed at the showcase.

For more information about the showcase or upcoming session, visit www.georgedaily.org/youth or contact the Youth Director, Andy McGuire, at (641) 672-3795 or youth@georgedaily.org.