June 10, 2014

Theatre campers create own superheroes

By DUANE NOLLEN The Oskaloosa Herald
The Oskaloosa Herald

---- — OSKALOOSA — Young thespians get to create their own superheroes this week at the George Daily Auditorium’s Summer Theatre Camp.

The theater camp began Monday as kindergarten through eighth-graders participated in “Superheroes for Hire.”

The theatre campers have a busy week ahead as they create superhero groups today and then encounter some villains on Wednesday. On Thursday, campers get to put their superheroes and villains together in a story and on Friday they have a Showcase performance, Youth Theatre Director Andy McGuire said.

Monday morning, the theatre campers learned about a form of pantomime called, “Lazzi.”

“It’s a physical form of comedy like ‘The Three Stooges,’” McGuire said. “It’s from Italy.”

In Lazzi, there is no dialogue between characters, McGuire added.

McGuire and a camper demonstrated Lazzi for others by performing a skit where McGuire is a dentist who pulls his patient’s tooth.

Then, the students broke up into groups of two or three to develop their own Lazzi skit.

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