February 4, 2014

'The Fantasticks' takes the stage at George Daily Auditorium tonight

The Oskaloosa Herald


In spite of inclement weather, “The Fantasticks” will take the stage at George Daily Auditorium tonight at 7:30 p.m.

The Fantasticks” is a simple romantic comedy about a boy, a girl, their meddling fathers, and the wall that divides them, this musical is a timeless fable of love, purity, and simplicity that manages to be nostalgic and universal at the same time. It is a moving tale of young lovers who become disillusioned, only to discover a more mature, meaningful love.

The Fantasticks,” written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, opened off-Broadway on May 3, 1960, and went on to play a record-breaking 17,162 performances. It closed on Jan. 13, 2002, making it the world’s longest-running production of any kind in the United States.

The musical uses steampunk, a genre that combines historical clothing or jewelry with futuristic elements, to create a new experience.

It’s classical simplicity,” said director Charles Beck of the steampunk concept. “It’s about a boy who is overly in love with a girl whose fathers are trying to keep them together by pulling them apart. Steampunk lends itself to this story by finding beauty among the broken pieces.”