November 7, 2013

Loebsack eyes Osky businesses

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Dave Loebsack, Democratic U.S. Congressman from Iowa’s 2nd District, toured area businesses Tuesday after arriving at the Oskaloosa Area Chamber & Development Group office.

Loebsack said the purpose of his visit Tuesday was to take a look at the Oskaloosa square and see the small businesses and hear what’s on the minds of their owners.

“I’m a strong supporter of small businesses,” said Loebsack. “So, I want to kind of hear what’s on their minds — what they want me to be doing while I’m in Congress as their congressman.”

Small businesses are the drivers of any economy, noted Loebsack.

“In Iowa, small businesses account for over two thirds of all the jobs,” Loebsack said, noting that small businesses need to be a focus if the economy is to get back on its feet.

This is not to ignore the large employers, added Loebsack before reiterating that small businesses are the “driver of the economy.”

Loebsack spoke about Oskaloosa specifically.

“Oskaloosa’s a thriving town and you don’t see that often at this point, given the weakness of the economic recovery,” Loebsack said, adding that he was looking forward to hearing about the economy of Oskaloosa, what drives it and what he can do to support it.

Loebsack said he tries to come to as many communities as possible within his district to get to know them.