May 2, 2013

OPD reminds residents of proper golf cart usage

The Oskaloosa Herald
The Oskaloosa Herald

---- — OSKALOOSA — With rising gas prices, many motorists may look look at alternative modes of transportation.

The Oskaloosa Municipal Code does permit the use of golf carts on public streets, but as with motor vehicles, there are ordinances that govern their use on city streets.

Golf carts must have:

• Adequate brakes.

• A slow moving vehicle sign mounted on the rear of the cart 2 - 6 feet. above the

ground and clearly visible from from 500 feet away.

• A fluorescent orange or lime green triangular bicycle safety flag mounted to the rear of the cart and at least five feet above the ground.

• Registered with the chief of police and display required identification.

• Proof of insurance prior to being issued a permit.

Who can drive?

• Anyone with a valid driver’s license.

• Instructions permits and school license do not qualify.

When can carts be driven on the street?

• Golf carts can be driven on city streets between sunrise and sunset.

• Having lights on your golf cart does not make it legal to drive after dark.

Driving guidelines:

• Drive as close as is practical to the right hand edge of the street.

• Golf carts will yield the right-of-way to other vehicles at all uncontrolled intersections.

• Golf carts will operate in single file.

• Golf carts can’t be be altered in any way from their original design.

• Golf carts may not tow any type of cart or object.

• Golf carts can be parked on city streets, subject to all parking regulations.

Golf carts cannot be operated on these streets*:

• A Ave. (Highway 92) within the city limits.

• Market Street (Highway 63) within the city limits.

• 17TH Street (Highway 23) from A Ave. East, south to the city limits.

• Multi-purpose recreational trail (unless registered with the chief of police and

meets the requirements of the Oskaloosa Municipal Code)

*Golf carts may cross the streets listed above at at 90 degree angle.