February 18, 2013

Mahaska County needs Mark Doland

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

In the race for county Supervisor, only one man has demonstrated the knowledge, skill and personal integrity we need in all of our elected officials.  That man is Mark Doland.

I met Mark a few years ago at our town-hall forum, “Eggs and Issues”. After publicly challenging a couple of our legislators on their stand on a particular controversial issue, I was so impressed by his tenacity and the courage of his convictions, I had to meet him and thank him for being a voice for so many of us.

Since that time I have come to know Mark quite well and have great respect for him and his common-sense approach to whatever he may encounter. I have seen him accomplish many things using this same approach and his outstanding organizational skills. Mark is a tireless worker and is ready to serve the people of Mahaska County.

Mark is also a selfless individual, always taking time for those in need. Anyone who knows him will tell you what a blessing he can be in your time of need.

I have seen Mark do the right thing even when doing “the right thing” came at a heavy price to him. We need people like Mark at all levels in our government.

The time is right to elect a true representative of all the people of Mahaska County. Please take a stand for a good government. Stand with me in voting to elect Mark Doland for Mahaska County Supervisor.


Pat Scanlon