February 18, 2013

Tom Rielly has experience, savvy to serve Mahaska County

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

I have known Tom Rielly for forty years; I was well acquainted with his mother, Mary and his father, Judge Jim Rielly. His daughter, Katie, has returned to Oskaloosa making the Riellys three-generation Mahaska County residents. I know Tom to be an honest man of excellent character. Tom has a great deal of political experience. He was mayor of Oskaloosa for eight years and served Mahaska County in the Iowa State Senate. Tom served on various state committees which gave him a great deal of wisdom with which to best serve our county. This election should not be one of Republican or Democratic candidates. It should be a decision of which of these two candidates have the political savvy, experience, and knowledge to best serve Mahaska County. Tom does not represent any special interest groups nor does he have any hidden agendas. The only special interest groups that Tom supports are the men, women and children of our county. This is why, my husband (a loyal Republican) and I (an ardent Democrat) are proud to urge you to vote for Tom Rielly for Mahaska County Supervisor.

Scottie Moore