February 18, 2013

County would benefit from Rielly's common-sense approach

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

Deciding who to vote for County Supervisor is easy. We have another chance to place the vote for the right man to lead our county. In March of 2012, Tom Rielly stated he would not seek reelection to the state legislature. With all that Tom has to offer this community, we all hoped we would once again have the opportunity to have him represent us.

Luckily, Tom is running for county supervisor and we will have another chance to utilize his 15 years of experience as a mayor and state senator. Our county will be lucky to be take advantage of Tom’s knowledge of how to make government work efficiently. Our county will benefit from his common sense approaches to the challenges facing our community and state. His ability to work with people and find compromise is what is needed at all levels of government.

I am glad that we are once again able to vote for Tom Rielly. He served us well as our state senator. He will serve us well as county supervisor.

Rick Vogel