January 7, 2013

Thanks to the Oskaloosa community for symphony support

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

On behalf of the Oskaloosa Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors, I would like to thank the Oskaloosa Community and those who voted for their "Celebrity Guest Conductor" candidate. The candidates succeeded in raising over $ 10,000 dollars, which was a record amount for this event. This wonderful support makes it possible for the orchestra to continue providing quality live symphonic music to the community in future concerts. Symphony orchestras all over the country, in both large and small communities, are finding it very difficult to support their orchestras financially so it is very gratifying to see this level of interest and support here in Oskaloosa.

Conductors; Ruthi Rogers, Sherry Vavra, Jeff Morris, Jim North, Mike Sytsma, and Steve Brown did an excellent job of collecting votes (dollars). They also were very creative in their "conductor attire" and conductor "batons" which was extremely entertaining for the audience and the orchestra. Each conductor was able to collect substantial amounts of the total dollars. As the totals were tabulated during the concert, Mike Sytsma was the winner. Final tabulations including donations that arrived after that tabulation showed that Mike Sytsma and Steve Brown were in a virtual tie for first place.

The orchestra board would like to point out that they were all "Winners in Our Book" and that we are very grateful for their willingness to help the Oskaloosa Symphony Orchestra.

Robert L. Auld

Executive Director