February 18, 2013

Mark Doland would make a good public servant

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

Mark Doland is the right choice for County Supervisor in Mahaska County. Mark has the courage to stand for his convictions. Taking an active role in politics today means being able to determine the wise course of action on a wide variety of issues and then holding to your views when the pressure is on. With a strong conservative foundation anchored in Christian ideals Mark Doland has proven his ability to serve in public office. 

Controversy is a common in politics and we should elect individuals who can withstand the pressure when the heat is on. Mark Doland that kind of person.

There has been a great deal of public debate recently about the government’s use of the power of eminent domain. The ability to take private property is arguably one of the most threatening of government’s use of authority. The use of that power should be limited to purposes like roads, power lines, pipeline and uses than serve the public at large. Taking private property from individuals for the convenience of private business is a questionable use of the eminent domain. Mark understands the need to protect the rights of citizens from the strong hand of big government and big business.

I have known Mark Doland now for several years. I have been impressed with his quiet and gentle manner in dealing with people in a variety of circumstances. He has the life experience and temperament that combine to make for a good public servant. He deserves your vote and I am proud to endorse him as the right choice in the upcoming special election for Mahaska County Supervisor.

Danny Carroll

Poweshiek County Supervisor


Iowa House of Representatives