February 18, 2013

Tom Rielly looks at all sides of an issue

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

The people of Mahaska County have a golden opportunity January 29th to elect a man to the Mahaska County Board of Supervisors who is highly qualified for the job. Tom Rielly has been mayor of Oskaloosa and our Senator in the Iowa Legislature. He is well-versed in how government operates, handling big budget issues, and as a lifelong resident, he is knowledgeable about the local issues concerning Mahaska County.

Tom has always been the kind of politician who looks at all sides of an issue before making a decision on how to vote, and he would continue to be that kind of politician. We need someone who will approach this job with an open mind and who will represent all of the residents of Mahaska County. Tom Rielly is that person.

I urge you to vote for Tom Rielly for Mahaska County Board of Supervisors for his experience, knowledge, and fairness.

Cheryl Benson