April 9, 2013

Thanks for making final Daffodil Days a success

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Letter to the editor:

Thank you to all the business’, churches’, and individuals that participated in Daffodil Days 2013. Thanks to these individuals more than $4,300. was raised for the American Cancer Society of Mahaska County.

A special thank you to Share Iowa for again donating their space and their cooler for storage and sorting the daffodils. Gamma Delta Sorority for delivering the bulk orders, the Gift of Hope vases, and the Corporate Bouquets. And Grouse’s House of Flowers at 120 1st Avenue East for making up the Gift of Hope bouquets and the Sunshine Bouquets for the Corporations that ordered them.

Unfortunately for all of the individuals that have faithfully participated every year this is the last year that the American Cancer Society is going to offer the daffodils in this area. The organization no longer finds it profitable and they plan on concentrating their efforts on Relay for Life of Mahaska County. Please participate in that event in order to contribute to the American Cancer Society of Mahaska County.

Bette J. Farner


Daffodil Days