August 9, 2012

Taking note of Osky’s musical history

The Oskaloosa Herald


This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to cover both the Sweet Corn Serenade and the Oskaloosa City Band’s performance.

Both events took place on the Oskaloosa square and were very well attended.

A story I did about the Sweet Corn Serenade can be found in the Friday, Aug. 3, edition of the Herald. The story I did on the Oskaloosa City Band’s performance, which was in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Oskaloosa Bandstand and recognized the C.L. Barnhouse Company, can be found in the Monday, Aug. 6, issue of the Herald.

First things first — Sweet Corn Serenade.

I have taken photos of the Sweet Corn Serenade in the past. Each time I’ve covered this event, I can’t help but be fascinated by the Roast-O-Matic. You know, that giant corn roasting machine they use to cook the thousands of ears of corn. Of course, they don’t roast every ear of corn at once. But, the machine they use can handle 278 ears of corn at a time, which I find impressive.

Although I’m not much for buying crafts myself, it did appear that the venders selling a wide assortment of items had some interesting things to offer. I’m sure plenty of Oskaloosa residents found something to buy that day.

On Thursday evening, the Iowa Building was also open. Andy Glover of C.L. Barnhouse Company was there and showed me several historic items associated with Oskaloosa’s musical history.

I thought the printing plate and tools used to make sheet music many moons ago were particularly interesting. I believe newspapers were printed in a similar fashion during this time period. Andy showed me how the printing plate would have been engraved using a hammer and other tools, noting that the page would need to be engraved backwards in order to come out right on paper. I found this to be very fascinating.

It didn’t hurt that there were a few clippings from issues of the Herald from long ago. I really like seeing those, as well.

The fact that Oskaloosa’s musical history was in the spotlight that night with the artifacts at the Iowa Building and Oskaloosa Mayor Dave Krutzfeldt noting historic highlights between city band pieces was great.

What really helped these two events blend together was the fact that it wasn’t too hot outside at the time. Those who know me know my disdain for such weather.

In looking at this week’s forecast, it appears as though triple digit mayhem is behind us. Hopefully that kind of heat and humidity won’t return — ever.