August 9, 2012

Grass/weed cutting violations taken seriously

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — Mother Nature seems to be teasing us right now. This past weekend, we saw cooler temperatures and RAIN! Depending on where in Mahaska County you live, you may have received upwards of an inch of rain. This next week, temperatures look to remain below 85 degrees! Perhaps Mother Nature is going to cut us some slack. On Monday of this week, the Oskaloosa City Council levied special assessment against several property owners relating to grass/weed cutting violations. I know I have run this question several times before but I still want to remind citizens of its importance. It only takes ONE complaint from a neighbor before you could end up with a $250 or more bill.

The City of Oskaloosa mows lawns that are out of compliance with City Code. City Code states that “owners, agents or occupants of all lots or parcels of ground within the city shall cut, cause to be cut, all weeds or grass on their respective premises to a height not to exceed twelve inches.” The code also sets the 15th of April through September as the day when your grass must be cut if it is at or exceeds the 12 inch height. On the 15th of each month through September, if your grass is now mowed and exceeds 12 inches, the city will cut your grass and fine you. The city Web site states that $250 is the minimum fine that will be accessed.

Next week, look for answers to questions on whether or not Oskaloosa will be getting a new police dog, and a memorial plaque that seems to have disappeared.

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