August 2, 2012

Notable Oskaloosa Urban Park facts

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — There’s still no relief in sight. Warmer temperatures have returned after a little bit of a “cool down.” This past week, we received some much-needed rain. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to provide much relief. This next week looks to be warm, with temperatures in the 90s. There also are some small chances of thunderstorms Saturday. This week, I will be republishing a couple of questions I have been asked about recently.

Question: Are any restrooms going to be built at the Skate Park?

At the time of the construction of the skate park, no restroom facilities were planned to be built. The reason for this is that the location of the Skate Park is near a public restroom. That restroom is the public restroom in the Penn Central Mall. Youth are encouraged to use the restroom facilities in the mall.

Source: Sherry Vavra/MCRF

Question: How did the Skate Park get the name Oskaloosa Urban Park?

The organizers of the Skate Park wanted it to have more of an urban park feel. The Oskaloosa Urban Park is not just a skate park. It also has a gazebo and basketball parks to give it more of a park feel. According to MCRF, park organizers wanted the facility to have more of a downtown “urban” feel to it, hence the name Oskaloosa Urban Park.

Source: Sherry Vavra/ MCRF

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