November 15, 2012

Inspiration can be found in many places

The Oskaloosa Herald

OSKALOOSA — One of the best things about art is the fact that it can be inspired by a number of things.

In Tuesday’s Oskaloosa Herald, you’ll find a story I did about the artwork of Sarah Kargol. She’s a local artist and mother whose art was inspired by her children’s art. Her work is on display at the Foyer Gallery in the Wilcox Library at William Penn University.

In case you didn’t know, Kargol’s work is centered around her interpretation of the way her children draw monsters. She’s incorporated this theme into numerous pieces, some of which are inspired by popular culture. Her “monstrous” take on the legendary Beatles’ album cover for “Abbey Road” is particularly cool, if you ask me. When I saw her interpretation of this album cover, I thought, “How could one not be inspired by The Beatles? After all, they’re often cited as the most influential rock n’ roll band of all time.”

A few of Kargol’s other pieces were inspired by familiar imagery, as well. Her take on the well-known characters from “The Wizard of Oz” and the “Jaws” movie poster are other examples of this incorporation of popular culture.

Creating art based on images that most people are familiar with heightens the viewer of such work’s ability to relate to the piece. For example, when I first saw Kargol’s interpretation of the “Jaws” movie poster, I immediately thought about the movie, what I thought of the movie, and the overall impact the film had on the movie-going public. “Jaws” is, of course, a classic film that I enjoy because of its ability to give the audience that sense of impending doom any time the great white shark is involved in a scene.

Obviously, a similar experience was had when I viewed Kargol’s interpretation of the “Abbey Road” album cover. I thought about the album, the first time I heard it, as well as a number of my favorite songs from the recording.

I’m sure other viewers of Kargol’s work had similar, yet unique experiences, when viewing her work. That’s the other great thing about art — everyone has their own interpretation of it. What I focus on in a particular piece of art may be passed over by another and vice versa. It may even serve as art inspiring art, which is yet another way inspiration can present itself.