May 2, 2013

VIDEO: Iowa snow is the latest in decades


OTTUMWA — Southeast Iowa may be able to grumble about today's temperatures being well below normal, but few would trade it for conditions to the west and north.

More than six inches of snow has fallen in parts of north-central Iowa. Residents in a line running from roughly the southwestern corner of Iowa to the northeastern corner are all seeing accumulations. The National Weather Service says May snow has fallen somewhere in Iowa in 59 of the last 125 years. But only five of the past 20 years have seen snow fall this late.

What makes this unusual isn't the snow so much as the amount. It's one thing to get a flurry, but quite another to have to break out the shovels. A list from the Des Moines NWS office shows the last time a major snowstorm hit this late was in 1967.

And it's a shift for technology as well. The state had already shuttered the winter driving conditions website for the season and had to bring it back just for this storm.