September 16, 2011

Scammers meet their match with Agency woman

Courier Staff Writer

AGENCY — The scam isn’t new. Someone calls an elderly person and claims to be a grandchild in trouble.

Edith Heemsbergen, 71, of Agency didn’t fall for the scam and she hopes senior citizens will be alert when they answer their phones. Her “adventure” started two days ago when a man called and said, “Hi, Grandma. This is Michael, your grandson.”

Heemsbergen said the voice kind of sounded like her grandson, “but only if he had a nasal cold.”

“I decided I’d play along with [the caller],” she said.

The conservation went back and forth. When Heemsbergen asked for a last name, the male caller didn’t offer one. Instead, he said “wrong number” and hung up.

The scammers didn’t learn the lesson, though. At 10 a.m. Friday, Heemsbergen answered the phone and a young voice said she was Heemsbergen’s granddaughter in Kansas City.